I'm Luisa Morrone, the TYPE 2 DIABETES WARRIOR and founder of the KCKO Method         

My Way of Eating...is YOUR Way of Eating if:

YOU are a type 2 diabetic and want to control YOUR blood sugars better;

YOU want to DECREASE the amount of medication you’re taking or get off mediations all together;

 YOU ARE STUCK in a cycle of losing and then gaining weight back and can’t lose weight no matter what you do.


I am thrilled that you have decided to learn about me and my journey to better health.  At one point I weighed over 320 lbs (143 kg) and I could not bear to face the scale further.  

If YOU are like me, YOU probably think that YOU will be on diabetic medication for the rest of YOUR life.  YOU probably think that you will end up gaining more weight, unable to lose it and will end up on even more medications as the years go by because we have been led to believe that is what will happen.

I will share EVERYTHING I have learned and I will be by YOUR side every step of the way because type 2 diabetes CAN BE REVERSED!  


TYPE 2 DIABETES WARRIOR and founder of the KCKO Method (Keep Calm KETO On)!

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How can I help you succeed?

Decrease/ Eliminate Medication

The KCKO Method specializes in helping YOU reverse type 2 diabetes, decrease or eliminate medications all together.

You can decrease and/or get off medications completely within months of starting the program!

Imagine YOUR life without having to always remember to make sure you have your medications with you.  Imagine the FREEDOM of not having to take medication at all and knowing you will live longer and have a better quality of life!

Lose Weight

Have you struggled to lose weight and can't figure out why you aren't losing weight?

Have you cut calories and eliminated fat from your diet because you have been told that is the only way to lose weight?

Do you try hard to follow diets only to end up hungry and binging on food because you give up? 

Do you feel hungry all the time and can't stick tp the diet you have been told to follow?

With the KCKO Method lifestyle YOU will transform YOURSELF through sustainable weight loss and be able to eat until you are FULL (we never go hungry)!

Reverse Diabetes Live  Your Dream Life

What breaks my heart is that type 2 diabetics give up on life, accept that they will be taking medications with the understanding that more meds will inevitably be added as they progress toward a worsening of this disease, they give up on losing weight, feeling like they have no options and that their diagnosis is a life sentence toward an early death from complications of this silent killer.   

I offer a solution;  type 2 diabetes CAN be REVERSED, YOU CAN get off medications and LOSE WEIGHT and YOU CAN lead the life YOU have only dreamed of!  I get you!  I've got you!

Meet Luisa Morrone, Founder of the KCKO Method

Hear Luisa speak about her experience of going from being a type 2 diabetic on medication, classified as obese and walking with a cane while needing hip surgery to turning her life around and living a life she only dreamed of!


"After I got married I ate my way to obesity and Type 2 diabetes. I was put on metformin but over the years my doctor kept adding more medications and at one point I was taking 16 pills a day.  With Luisa's help I have lost 72 lbs and I have cut my medication in half.  Most importantly, my kidney function was starting to drop and Luisa helped me regenerate my kidney gfr back up by 14 points!"
Vince Liparoti
Mississauga, ON CANADA


"Luisa knows her stuff! She can definitely help you lose weight like she’s helping me.  I love food but following the My Way of Eating program doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet. You won’t regret enrolling in her program. She gives you so much good information. Her program is a blessing and I don’t regret for a minute enrolling in My Way of Eating!  The best part is I started losing weight in the first week!"  
Jessica Doolin
California, USA


"Two years ago, I was given medicine for acid reflux, after having some tests done. Due to Covid, things didn’t go any further. At the beginning of this year, around the time I started Luisa’s program, I went back to the doctor who wanted to repeat the tests. According to the results from 2 years ago, he was confident I was going to need a surgery, possibly leading to future surgeries every 10 years or so to replace parts that would have to be put in for a hernia, which would also decrease the acid reflux, I had already lost 19 pounds on Luisa’s program before the testing was done, and miraculously, my acid reflux had decreased, the hernia was no longer there, surgery was no longer needed, and the doctor said if I keep this up,   I may be able to decrease or stop taking the meds I am on!"
Brenda Williams Lenweaver
Syracuse, New York USA


" I am so thankful for Luisa!  I did her last retreat and learned how I could finally change my eating and lose weight for life.  I have struggled for so many years with dieting and then gaining my weight back.  Luisa has brought new hope to me and she motivates me because she's been through it herself and has managed to lose weight and keep it off long term!  She is so kind, inspiring, knowledgeable and dedicated.  I joined her program and I am learning so much and she has been guiding me every step of the way!  So thankful for Luisa!"  
Nicole Williams
Westfield, Indiana USA


"I felt bloated, depressed and lacking energy. I weighed more than I did fully pregnant with my kids. Realized I wasn’t doing myself any good by sitting around and feeling miserable about it. My husband and I travel extensively and it’s very difficult to manage an eating program while doing so. Luisa’s tips, tricks, recipes and invaluable support has helped me get down to the weight I was in my early 20s. Even eating on the go has become fun!  My skin and muscle tone has visibly improved. The other day, somebody said I look like a teenager again!  With Luisa’s support, learning this way of eating is so easy.”
Andrea Marchant
Mississauga, ON CANADA


"If you have been struggling with your weight and need some info, accountability, and a cheerleader in your corner, you will find all of that and more with Luisa’s program! She really knows her stuff. What she is, is someone who’s been there, done that. Her years of experience on this subject have made her an expert, and she is passionate about helping others reach their goals! She is incredibly generous with her time and will always be responsive to any questions you have! She’s the “Real Deal!”
Gina Rindfleisch
Moisinee, Wisconsin USA

Meet your Coach



I'm Luisa Morrone, the Founder of the KCKO Method and here is my story...

My late father and late father-in-law were both type 2 diabetics who were never able to control their blood sugars properly.  My husband Vince is also a type 2 diabetic.  I was diagnosed as a gestational diabetic during my two pregnancies and was told that this was an indication that I might become a type 2 diabetic later in life.  Years later, even after being told by my doctor that I was on my way to becoming a type 2 diabetic and gaining weight every year, I didn’t make any changes until I was diagnosed as a full blown diabetic and placed on metformin medication. I never thought it would happen to me BUT I knew that was the beginning of the end unless I changed my way of eating; that was my “Ah Ha” moment.
8 years ago, I weighed over 320 lbs, used a cane as I couldn’t walk even a few steps without experiencing excruciating pain and was taking type 2 diabetic medications daily. Since then I have lost 150 lbs and I am no longer on medication. I stopped taking metformin within the first 6 months of changing my lifestyle.  I now helps others who are pre-diabetic and/or type 2 diabetic regulate their blood sugars, decrease the amount of medications they take or eliminate medication all together as well as helping them lose weight, get healthier and feel better.

Talk soon,


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